Moonriver and Me

Page Sixty-five

Wednesday 23 June 2010        Turners Flails                                                                                                            

Moonriver and me is the last line of an old crooner, made famous by Andy Williams. So you’re all too young to know anything about that. Okay.

Moonriver and me is also a wee story that came up in my life in 2008, and I can only talk about part of it here. Venting.                                                                    If you like lies, I’ll tell you the moon is made of green cheese. My mother used to say that when we were kids.

Moonriver is the alias of a person who blogged on another site I was blogging on for a long time, and he contacted me, and things went from there. But what you don’t usually find out if the person doesn’t want you to, is who the blogger behind the alias is. In Moonriver’s case, there was a set of coincidental circumstances that allowed me to find out who he is.

Events over time have brought me to the point where I detest this Moonriver character, and one of those factors is that of deceit, that of getting one’s rocks off by fooling people, by constructing a totally false identity. I suppose there are any number of people doing that on the internet, but I don’t want to read them, being the truth-oriented person that I am. And I don’t want to know them. But I do know Moonriver, and I know that he takes as much pleasure and gets as much ego-engorgement from lying to people and being totally false in his actual life as he does on the internet.

So I was delighted when he stopped blogging last December. I still make an occasional appearance on that site, and I was over the moon, so to speak, to see that he had vanished. But Monday I saw that he has returned, back to give more phony history, phony present, phony everything. And his blog has always been very popular, so I guess a lot of people enjoy having the sheep dip shoveled at them. And he enjoys shoveling it, believe me.

Another bad penny has come back. May he rust, may he corrode, may his enormous, insatiable ego finally give way to entropy.


Well, now it’s October, and another microchip falls in this tale: click.

more moonriver  ~~  website



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  1. September 1, 2010 at 9:13 pm

    […] here’s a little exchange between moonriver and me that took place in the comment […]

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